Bulletin December2007

As we close 2007, UCSD would like to highlight 2 major issues in 2007 that preoccupied public debate (and action) for sustainable development in Uganda and beyond: - The Mabira Campaign that sucked in, and united Ugandans, concerned citizens and partners around the world as a learning point and an experience will be kept as a moment in Uganda's history. The controversial proposal, which would have turned over 17,500 acre Mabira forest to the Indian-owned Mehta Group, had caused alarm in environmental circles and stirred up racial tensions. Though the 'dust is not yet fully settled on this matter' (Uganda Government seems to have rescinded on this intention), one needs to ponder over the future of similar resources that Government(s) hold in Public Trust, and how to secure that 2008 brings in more practical recognition of this doctrine