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Get to Know – Why Lake Victoria? Lake Victoria is an international water body that offers the riparian communities a number of extremely important environmental and livelihood opportunities. The waters of Lake Victoria and its shoreline are shared among three countries; Kenya 6%, Uganda 43% and Tanzania 51%. However, the Lake Victoria basin catchment extends to Rwanda and Burundi that are hence equally important as shown in Table 1 and Map 1 below: Country Lake Surface Area    Catchment Area    Lake Shoreline
Sq. Km% Sq. Km % Km % Tanzania 33,756 49 79,570 44 1150 33 Uganda 31,001 45 28,857 15.9 1750 50 Kenya 4,113 6 38,913 21.5 550 17 Rwanda- -20,550 11.4-- Burundi- -13,060 7.2- - Table 1: Summary of the Lake Victoria basin. Source: Lake Victoria Basin Commission, 2008 International cooperation around the lake has a long history because of its significance as a source of the Nile, mainly important as a fresh water resource for the Nile Basin countries of Uganda, Sudan and Egypt. Being an international water, Lake Victoria is under considerable pressure from a variety of inter linked human activities and consequently has undergone enormous environmental changes over the past forty years.