LVEMPII CDD fisheries subproject loses millions in a Cage Farm raid in Rakai-Uganda

Members of Gobay Cage Fish Farmers’ group in Kyebe, Rakai district are devastated after their fish cages were vandalized and their fish stolen. The cage frames and bags were destroyed and fish stock worth twelve million five hundred and sixty nine thousand (12,569,000) of table size fish with an average weight of 450g/fish (5,656kgs) was stolen. The project had seven cages four of them are of size (2 X 3 X 1.5) metres one of size (2 X 2 X 2) and two of size (5 X 5 X 2.5) metres. The total carrying capacity of the 7 cages on the site was 33,800 fingerlings; which upon rearing for six months would harvest 16,900kgs of fish worth one hundred and thirty five million two hundred thousand shillings (135,200,000/= )sold at the farm gate price.