LVEMPII Community - Driven Development Subprojects Watch No.2

The Community – Driven development type (CDD-type) subprojects are aimed at reducing non-point sources of pollution, through control of soil erosion by adopting sustainable water and soil management practices. This will in turn increase water use efficiency and improve water quality in the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB), which is also a positive externality downstream countries.

The CDD-type watershed management subprojects comprise the natural resources conservation interventions, which generate predominantly public goods or benefits, and livelihood improvement activities that are largely household-based, and with substantial private benefits. The CDD approach is to be used to scale up soil and water management interventions. Under this approach, the project is to provide matching grants to selected local communities to promote local partnerships in addressing degradation of the watershed. The CDD-type subprojects comprise two categories: (i) natural resources conservation; and (ii) livelihoods improvement.

CDD-type subprojects implemented under the Natural Resources Conservation and livelihoods improvement subcomponents under Component 3 of LVEMP II are intended to improve the quality of life of the participating communities and in this particular case the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. In LVEMP II, a community is defined as: ‘a group of persons having on-going interaction and a common or similar interest related to Natural Resources Management, which they wish to undertake on their own’).

For EA SusWatch Network, this second review following the first one carried out in 2013 (resulting in preparation of the LVEMPII CDD Subprojects Watch No.1), sought to assess level of the progress in implementation of the LVEMPII CDD-type subprojects in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It was carried out was carried out between April – June 2014 based on the baseline studies carried out in 2012 and the 2013 assessment report in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with the objective of coming up with a CDDtype subprojects status report within the focus river catchments (Nyando, Simiyu and Katonga