Uganda's experience with BMUs seminar paper

1. INTRODUCTION Beach Management Units (BMUs) are community fisheries management institutions, legally empowered and registered with the Department for Fisheries Resources. Fishers are required to be registered with BMU in order to be allowed to work in fisheries. Every BMU has an Assembly of all registered members and an elected Committee. The process of forming and registering a BMU is set out in the Harmonized BMU Guidelines, which are implemented at the national level (LVFO 2005). The Guidelines set out the composition of the committee as including representation from the four stakeholder groups, namely boat owners, boat crew, fishmongers and the others category, with at least three members being women. This is intended to promote equity of stakeholders and ensure that all stakeholders, including the traditionally marginalized and poorer within fishing communities, namely women and boat crew, to have a say in decision-making.