Promoting Implementation of the Paris Agreement in East Africa – with a focus on pro-poor emission development (PIPA)

Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD)  a member of International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE) is partnering with SustainableEnergy, International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE), Sustainable Environmental Development Watch (SusWatch-Kenya) and Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization (TaTEDO) to implement.
The project’s aim is to contribute to a more ambitious and pro-poor implementation of the Paris Agreement. This will be done by seeking to increase the influence of civil society in the process of adjusting the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) as well as in developing Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) in the 3 target countries (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). The project will focus on strengthening the cooperation of civil society both nationally and regionally. A major part of the project will be to develop and implement coordinated regional and national advocacy efforts to influence both national decision-makers, regional institutions, as well as the international climate negotiations.

Brief overview of Project activities in February 2017 – June 2018:

  • Mapping the current situation on NDCs, LEDSs, nationally and regionally
  • National inceptions including national launches, strengthening of involved CSO networks and inviting other stakeholders.  
  • National and regional knowledge sharing / capacity building CSO workshops  
  • Development of climate strategy recommendations based on practical cases
  •  Dialogues, meetings and communications with national officials in charge of climate and development including of NDCs and LEDS  
  • Regional climate policy briefs and participation in regional workshops/gatherings/ conferences and meetings with regional institutions and their officials  
  • Participation in climate negotiations in Bonn and COP23 (primarily to follow negotiations on NDCs, LEDSs, GCF).  
  • In addition, participation in relevant climate financing events. International policy briefs and one issue of Sustainable Energy News Communication with like-minded CSO networks including sharing experiences and lessons learned with INFORSE West Africa.

The project is financed by The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the CISU Fund for Climate and Environment.

TaTEDO, Tanzania / INFORSE-East Africa Coordinator:
Suswatch Kenya:

Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD):